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High in the Elk Range of the Rocky Mountains, south of Aspen, Colorado, sits Bodhi Riwo, under the shoulder of Mount Hayden at the confluence of magical Castle and Conundrum Creeks. This area has long been revered by the Ute Indians as a spiritual site. it is the perfect place for having a meaningful meditation immersed in mother nature and surrounded by water on all sides.

The Bodhi Riwo "Enlightened River" Meditation Retreat Center accomodates the individual and small groups. The larger sessions to be held in appropriate Community venues accessible by Public Transportation.

We provide a forum for those who wish to contribute to World Peace of which the Spiritual and Cultural survival of the Tibetan People is an integral part because the Tibetan Plateau provides almost half the Worlds population with WATER.

We welcome all visiting monks, holy men, yogis and yogini to share their view of the Spiritual Path or anyone who wishes to provide a special knowledge or form of enlightenment.